Are you ready to put yourself first and immerse fully into the most healing, nourishing & relaxing retreat? With daily nutritious meals, spinal flow sessions, breathwork, sound healing, movement, expressive art therapy and connection to nature.

“Clear stress layers out of your body making way for wholistic healing and wellness for you and your family by using the Spinal Flow technique”

What is Spinal Flow?

The Spinal Flow Technique has been developed by Chiropractor, Dr Carli Axford.  After years of working as a hands-on practitioner and studying many different technique as she worked and travelled the world, Dr Carli kept coming back to the body’s innate healing wisdom, which activates the spinal wave.  

She went on to develop The Spinal Flow Technique which focuses on the 7 Gateways of the Spine and 33 access points that help expand the spinal wave, which is now a recognised modality being taught across the world.

Spinal flow is a gentle form of bodywork that works directly with your nervous system to release physical, emotional and chemical stress layers from your body. 

The healing technique works to restore the communication pathways (nerve supply) to the different systems and organs of your body and regulate your nervous system back into a parasympathetic state (rest, digest and restore mode), which is the state your body needs to be in for deep body, mind and soul healing to happen.

Dr Carli discovered and went on to develop   The Spinal Flow Technique is now a recognised modality and is being taught to students across the world.

The technique transforms people’s wellbeing by connecting them to what already works in their body and expanding that to allow the Spinal Wave to flow from the coccyx to the cranium.

Nancy is a certified Spinal Flow Practitioner who is passionate about helping people find ease in their body by connecting to themselves on a deeper level activating their own innate healing wisdom.

What is Breathwork?

Heal 2 Flow integrates conscious connected breathwork which involves rounds of alkalising circular deep breathing into the belly to switch on the diaphragm muscle and chest with a series of breath holds ending with a meditative coherent breath.  Also incorporating crystal sound bowls into the sessions to infuse more vibrational energy into the body for a deeper healing experience.

Benefits of Breathwork

Breathing correctly every hour of the day and night is incredibly important to our health, most of us breathe too shallow and too much  into our chest and shoulders, not into our belly activating  the diaphragm.   Learning to consciously connect to your breath through breathing techniques will develop and strengthen the diaphragm, and will bring more awareness to the breath on a day to day where it counts the most. 
Quite often our minds get in the way by keeping us safe, busy and switched on. Allowing the breath to calm and relax the mind, enables the body  to take control. The innate wisdom of your breath and life force knows exactly where to go and how to heal, by aligning with the universal energies. 

Breathwork has a number of benefits reversing the physical stress response in your body,  it calms and slows down emotional turbulence in your mind, allows emotional release, lowers blood pressure, alkalises the blood, reduces inflammation, builds resilience,  strengthens the immune system and lungs,  improves sleep and digestion, helps treat depression, anxiety and PTSD, opens further spiritual connection, and allows you to gain more energy, self confidence and self belief.  Something we can all use a little more of, especially when our lives are too fast-paced and stressful.

Nancy is a certified Breathwork Teacher and has been practicing guiding people through their breathwork practice for 3 years in both group and 1:1 sessions.